Missing You Poems
28.08.2014 / 10.08 am

Missing You Poems

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I Miss You
I try to forget about the first time we kissed
I try to forget about the time I told you my darkest secret.
I miss you poems | Rating: 2.6 | Votes: 9
Something is missing
altho i can not see
Missing poems | Rating: 4.8 | Votes: 5
I love you peom
Rose are red voilet are you my boo and i don't want to lose you
And ever time i think bout you on my mind and i miss the way you hold me and kiss me and the way your arms wrap round me.
Love you poems | Rating: 5.0 | Votes: 1
Sweet missing
I sit staring at your eyes,
Smiling at me from a picture
Sweet Miss you poems | Rating: 4.5 | Votes: 6
Don't Wanna Lose You
It's been a while,
a fairly long while,
Missing love poems | Rating: 3.5 | Votes: 19
Someday missing me
I'm sitting here thinking,
of what used to be,
Sweet Miss you poems | Rating: 4.5 | Votes: 4
I Still Look Back
It's been a while
since you left,
Missing poems | Rating: 3.7 | Votes: 14
Missing in life
When ever am sad
I think of your wonder smile
Sweet Miss you poems | Rating: 4.3 | Votes: 3
the days go by and your still not by my side I see your face but only in my mind even that is begging to fade but the pain still hits me hard enough to wait!
Missing poems | Rating: 4.2 | Votes: 14
You remain in my heart
I will never see your sweet little face,
or hold you tight in my embrace.
I heart you Poem | Rating: 4.3 | Votes: 18
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Poems about Missing You
Is your soft, sweet touch what I miss?
Is being held in your strong arms what I desire?
Poems about Missing | Rating: 4.0 | Votes: 11
You broke my heart Poem
This is not a poem it is a song i wrote about my ex boyfriend i just want you to comment on it PLEASE it would me so much to me!
I heart you Poem | Rating: 2.0 | Votes: 4
Missing You
Nothing seems the same
My soul is incomplete
I miss you poems | Rating: 3.8 | Votes: 9
Waiting for God to give us his blessings
******Something's Missing**************
Missing love poems | Rating: 4.0 | Votes: 6
Not anymore
You hate my guts but love my eyes
For a second you caught me by surprise
Love you poems | Rating: 1.0 | Votes: 3