Missing You Poems
01.02.2015 / 01.05 am
by Kyra Gleeson
Rating: 3.70
Votes: 30
I miss the way our eyes meet, I miss the glint in your eyes when you
smile, I miss that smile you smile! I miss the way you felt in my arms,
the way your breath felt on my arm and chest when I held you close
to me! I miss awakening with you there by my side, and the way you
made me feel inside! That cute smile and the first smile in the morning you gave me, I miss just being around you! You could make me smile for no reason other than you just being you! I just miss you and me!

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latia at 2011-10-14

i like this poem

Evette at 2011-11-09

i like this poem. is great

Kainoa at 2011-11-13

This Poem Is Really Cool

Nasir at 2011-11-28

This poem is good
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